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• Reduce symptom of or prevent pelvic floor disorders – eg incontinence, sexual dysfunction, prolapse.
• Strengthening your core
• Reducing lower back pain
• Preparing your body for pregnancy
• Recovering your pelvic floor strength after giving birth
• Decreasing your waist size
• Improving your posture
• Toning abdominals
• Improving circulation
• Improving athletic performance
• Improving breathing capacity


Hypopressives combines a specific breathing technique with a series of postures. This helps to reduce the pressure in the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities. Most traditional exercises and many of our everyday activities increase internal pressure (hyPERpressive). Too much internal pressure can cause symptoms such as incontinence (for example when you cough, sneeze or laugh), back pain, hernias or even severe organ prolapse.

Everybody can benefit from Hypopressives as it’s about retraining your core muscles to work as they were designed to. The people most likely to have symptoms of high internal pressure are people who exercise regularly, mothers or ladies going through the menopause. Some women who’ve been at risk of serious surgical procedures have trained in Hypopressives and seen their prolapse eliminated. Hypopressives can really be life changing!


I am a level 1 qualified Hypopressives trainer.

I teach on a 1:1 basis or if you have up to 3 friends or family then we can do group sessions.

It generally takes around 6x 1 hour sessions to learn the full routine. Though everyone is different, some may take longer, some may complete in less.

In the first session we will do an initial consultation including a few assessments of your current health. You will learn about the history of Hypopressives then learn the breathing technique and some postures.

In the final session the health assessments will be repeated to look for any changes and improvements. I will also carry out an assessment for how you have grasped the technique. If I’m happy then you will be issued with a Phoenix Wave certificate which will allow you to come back to me for refresher sessions at a lower cost. (NB this certificate will NOT qualify you to train others in the technique).

During the programme you are advised to practice the techniques on a daily basis, this enables you to get the optimum results. There is also an online programme available to purchase once you have completed at least 1x face to face session with me. This can be used during your training and be there as a refresher for when you have completed, or you can use it instead of more face to face sessions.

How much does it cost and how do I book?

If you are interested in learning Hypopressives then please contact me so we can discuss your needs.
There is a discount if you learn as a group rather than individually and once you have completed your training you can book refresher sessions with me at a reduced cost too.

Contact me on 07917 413762 or email [email protected]

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